Saturday, January 17, 2009


Can we have an update on Grandma??? We would love to know how she is doing!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving pictures

Hey all,
It was so good to see you at Thanksgiving. Sure wish I could have "talked" with you. I just thought I'd post some pictures that I had. I didn't get many taken, but if anyone else has pictures (mom), please post them. It would be fun to see. And it would be fun for others who weren't able to make it to see as well.
A little football

A little preparation

A little visiting

A little puzzle

A little ripstick. Actually a lot of ripstick - my kids loved it so much they put their money together and bought one.

So what do you think? Do they look a like?

And a little bashfulness. But all in all, we had a good time.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Hey guys, this is Holly. My mom asked me to do a quick post since things have been pretty hectic for her lately with Grandma. Hopefully everyone knows the current situation with Grandma in the Rehab Facility. If you are not on the email list, email my mom at so she can keep you up to date along with the rest of us. So these are just a few things mom/grandma have said:

Shelby- Grandma loved seeing you and Korri and Max. Thanks so much for driving out of your way to see her. She said it made her day. Mom wanted me to post the pics for you. It's definitely alarming to see how thin and frail grandma appears to be in those shots.

Gena- Thanks for helping out so much with Grandma. You've really given so much of your time and it's really appreciated.

Bonnie, Jennie, Charlie, Mary, Kevin, James, and whoever else I may have forgot--thanks so much for doing overnighters with Grandma and taking good care of her. Mom said she keeps commenting on how glad she is to see all of her family. She's sorry that she's so sick and can't fully enjoy the visits, but she loves her family and loves to have them around her.

Anyway mom, I hope I covered all the bases with that. Thanks mom for basically taking a huge time out from your life and business to be there for Grandma and for keeping us all informed on her condition. We love you both!!

Grandma-I can't even express how important you are to this family. We're pulling for you and praying for you to regain your strength and start healing.

Also-I wanted to repost mom's earlier email about all the "Did you know's" about Grandma. I thought that was pretty cool, except for the freezing the garbage bit. What's up with that? :)

From Mom/Kathy: "Today in the temple I felt very strongly that her time with us is short. We need to take the opportunity to let Grandma know how much we love her. She is a treasure. I have learned so much about her these last 5 weeks being with her on a daily basis. Did you know that when Grandma was little- about 5 years old- she got hit by a car and it almost cut her ear off. Did you know that Grandma's dad (my grandpa Bird) ran a hamburger stand and she got to sit on the counter and take the money from the customers. Did you know that Grandma use to take the shoes off of the neighbor girl and wear them as her own until the little girl's mother told Grandma's mother and my Grandma Bird made Grandma give them back. Did you know that Grandma hated having shots at school. On shot day she would run away from the school and hide in a ditch and her Dad would always find her and take her back to school kicking and screaming to get her shot. Did you know that Grandma worked as a nurse at the state hospital and she felt it was the hardest work and the most rewarding work she did outside the home. One lady would always rip Grandma's watch off her arm and throw it across the room. Grandma said she was always buying a watch for work and wouldn't spend more than $5.00 for it. Did you know that Grandma talks in her sleep all the time. The only thing I can really understand her say is when she is telling Buddy to stop looking at her food. Did you know Grandma freezes her garbage because it stinks up her garbage can- just so you know- I put a stop to that- good grief- ha ha."
And Finally...Ben and Natalie-will you invite mom to your blog so she and grandma can view it?

Monday, August 25, 2008



I'm so sorry to hear that your 2 hour surgery today ended up a 5 hour surgery. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and hope that you will recover soon. I know that you will be in the hospital for the next seven days and won't be reading this anytime soon, but just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and love you.


Saturday, July 12, 2008


EVERYONE needs to do this. It's such a fun idea and grandma will love it!

As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a lot or just a little, anything you remember.
Next, repost these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. So, start thinking hard. Also when you leave a comment, you are tagging yourself, so repost on your own blog so I know who's blog to go and comment on:)
I'm excited to read what everyone has to say!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Grandma Peterson talks about the farm

(I'm going to type this just like she is talking)
When we first went to the farm to see if we wanted to buy it, the house was in easter egg colors. It was still those colors when we left. The fences were broken and the weeds were taller than me. We liked it and decided it would be a fun retreat for weekends to get away from the appliance store in Orem. Needless to say, I didn't realized the amount of hard work it would take to get that place into shape- it took us all summer long. The first summer we planted a beautiful garden next to the house. Grandpa didn't like the way the tomatoes were growing to he decided to give them a little help and the next morning when he got up the tomato plants were dead and the neighbor stopped by and asked what happened. Grandpa gave them a dose of.... (Grandma can't remember but whatever it was, but they didn't grow, they died). Then Grandpa decided he needed chickens and brought 1 or 2 dozen that he raised from eggs under lights from the back porch. He had all types. That must be why the Peterson's have chickens in their backyard (I added that thinking of Tom and Josh). They had brown, green-blue and speckled eggs. Then Grandpa decided he needed to have pigs but first Roger caught a greased pig on the 4th of July, so that was the first pig. Then Grandpa got another one to go with the first pig. When it came time to harvest the pigs- Grandpa spent 2 days trying to force the pigs into the back of the truck. The neighbor came over to help cause Grandpa couldn't get the job done. The neighbor helped by picking up a stick about 5 inches long and tickled the pigs on the back side and the pigs went up into the truck with no problems. Grandma is now laughing. She said Grandpa was surprised at how easy it was. The Davidson girls could have given Grandpa a lesson on that one- right girls? The next thing we did was get a couple of rabbits and they grew and grew and grew until they got all over the neighborhood. (By grew and grew she meant multiplied as rabbits do). Then we had a couple of horses, one's name was Freedom and the other she can't remember the name but the kids enjoyed riding those. Then Grandpa decided he wanted to raise white cows. So he bought 1 from some guy in Pleasant Grove and that cow had twins, but she wouldn't take care of them. So Grandpa had to tie her to a post between 2 fences so she was stuck and tied her legs down so she wouldn't kick the calves, and he decided that was a lot of work. The calves lived so that plan worked. Then after he done that he decided to go get 10 more calves the next spring. Grandma was the one that had to feed them with buckets of milk because Grandpa decided to work at the turkey plant as a meat inspector in Moroni. (So Dad inspected turkeys? Hummmmm I could make a joke- but won't). That was his first civil service job with the gov't. And Grandma raised 2 little baby sheep- named Tami and Sami- one was white and one was black. She raised them on a bottle and the little kids loved to feed them. All she had to do was clap her hands, call their names and they would come on the run. Let's see- what else- let's see- what else...Grandpa bought a bull so he could raise more cows. He had so much trouble with it going over the fence that he sent it to the slaughter house. It was so big it broke down the steel door at the slaughter house. It must of weight 1600 lbs. They ate the bull and it tasted good. (So much for the bull in this story). Roger also had a cow he raised from a calf. He would ride on its back and guide it by it's tail. Good job, Roger. Roger also had a sheep that he raised that had horns and he taught it to bunt a tire and one day it almost bunted Grandpa to the ground. The next day Roger got behind him and Roger got knocked down so they gave it to a neighbor just to get rid of it. We always raised a garden every year and took the veggies home and left some on the lawn with a sign to take what you wanted and the veggies were always gone the next week. The people driving by would take them. The last year we were there we hauled hay until 1:30 in the morning and that's when I said to sell this place. We sold it and that was the end of the farm. We bought the farm for $30,000 and sold it for $65,000 when we sold it. It had 2 shares of water too. So that is the end of this story. A good experience but a lot of work. Oh my gosh! Love Grandma

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh- the Farm!

We loved going to the farm- packing you girls up on a Friday after work jumping in the car and driving to the farm. We went to the farm for years until it was sold but you girls starting going as young as 2- I think. Geniel was packing Kerrie around on her hip at the farm showing her the baby kittens in the barn or the baby rabbits that no one could touch. I have a picture of Geniel helping Kerrie feed a lamb and when Kerrie was to big to pack around then it was Holly's turn to be packed around on Geniel's hip. Grandpa and Grandma sure grew a good garden at the farm. I remember eating dinner one night and Dad said that everything on the table was a product of the farm. Dad always wore those gray blue coveralls and had a hankie hanging out of his back pocket to wipe his face. If he got real tired he'd send one of you kids to the house for a glass of ice water. Grandma taught me how to paint at the farm. We'd sit at the table for hours and paint pictures or tole paint- I loved it. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me how to paint. Grandma still has some of those pictures she painted at the farm and I know all the stuff from the farm is packed in her basement for everyone to dig through after she is gone and ask "Why did she keeps this?" Oh well- just so everyone knows I will NOT be carrying anything out of that basement. Back to the Farm- remember the pond that Grandpa had dug and the roaster that use to chase James around and around the pond as James yelled for Grandpa to come save him. The truth was Grandpa was watching and laughing from a distance- poor James. Oh, the farm always brings back good memories. Thanks girls for bring that up. I'll have Grandma post when she comes over this week. Love you

June 9, 2008 6:05 PM